George Abiola

George Abiola

Location: Nigeria

I am George, a painter who enjoys painting landscape and natural things around me. I love using oil painting, Acrylic, Pencil and sometimes Poster colour to express myself. Also, I express myself through Abstract paintings and portraiture.
Art to me, is life itself!


Rural Life

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas. Size: 20 inch by 16 inch. A Landscape painting. Its all about a trip to a rural setting where one sees people living in a simple life. People are not afraid of thieves which makes their doors open 24hours without any fears. A home setting where everyone knows everyone living in a community as against city life where everyone minds his or her business with busy kind of life.

Free Flow “Free Flow”

This painting is titled " Free Flow" of a river. Acrylic on Canvas. 16 inch by 20 inch. This scene captures my attention that, irrespective of whatever maybe hindrances, it still finds a way to flow unhindered. This typifies my conviction as an artist that, no matter how difficult the way to success may seem, one should keep flowing ones creative ideas to the world. The end will justify the means!