Elin Maria Parmhed

Elin Maria Parmhed

Location: Sweden



Tulips often symbolize true or deep love, but also rebirth. The series Rebirth is about the different stages of transformation into something new. It's about myself, but just as much about the world right now. Going into a new age stirs up emotion and chaos, yet we keep walking. There's light and love now and ahead.

Rebirth I “Rebirth I”

Photo of a sculpture consisting of nine tulips.

Rebirth II “Rebirth II”

Oil and oil pastels on canvas. 2 m high and 3,3 m wide it's a painting to be emerged in.

Rebirth III “Rebirth III”

Dandelions finding their way through the cracks in the concrete, blooming with pride.
Oil pastels on mdf board. 1,2 m high and 1,8 m wide.

Rebirth IV “Rebirth IV”

The deep emotions of a rebirth process. Love, hurt, beauty, pain.
1x1,2m, oil and oil pastels on canvas.

Rebirth V “Rebirth V”

Tulips in evening light, resting.
1,5 x 1 m, oil and oil pastels on canvas.