Jacky Chewkor


Location: Malaysia

Use the most intense colors to subdue the most ferocious beasts

jacky chewkor is a Impressionism and fauvism artist.In his early life,he worked as graphic designer
and part time administrator.There's the day when the stationery shop he used to visit
start to import oil paint tube from foreign,he instantly discover the immeasurable
potential of oil material
he can now touch and smell the colour,he start to study the history and movement of art
he meet a lot of great old master,they all have their unique style and their great masterpiece
There is no the best style, there only the most apposite theme
,he too has a lot of great idea,he want to join these world
he choose Impressionism and fauvism as preliminary,his life transform from indoor to outdoor,he well prepare four tool,turpentine,Paint tubes, on-the-go easel, flat brushes and start to begin his journey.
He met monet, who chase the light and moment
He met cezanne,who seek the geometric and construct
He met renoir,who pursue the beauty and joyful
And finally he met himself. he want to hound the message.there' s the day when he push the colour to the extreme,he met matisse,he guess there is a wild beast inside matisse'heart,beast of aesthetic,beast of colour,beast of perfection,beast of hate and love
Every artist must have a beast inside their heart,they must like a tamer,they must learn how to console. to train,to guide and to ride the beast.
Do we recall Van Gogh's shouting? colour !! it is the colour !! No, mr van gogh, passion, it is the passion.
he think art is not for the specific,art relate to everybody,from prison to palace.
Art is more than pretty and aesthetic feeling
art can attract,arouse,reflect,motivate,praise,criticize,convey,inspire,appeal,
cure even revolution
the world of art is very wide and profound
it is a never ending journey,he will not confined to particular style or subject,he will keep on breakthrough,keep on explore

Let use art to make this world a better place, for all entire human race, for them, for you and for me.