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Digital Watercolors

A small sampling of my digital watercolor work.

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Blue and Yellow Macaw Watercolor Parrot-Bird Painting “Blue and Yellow Macaw Watercolor Parrot-Bird Painting”

A colorful messy paint splattered digital watercolor bird portrait of a macaw parrot with vivid blue, yellow and green feathers, a black and white striped face and powerful beak. He is striking a pose as if he knows what a handsome fellow he is.

Rufous Hummingbird Watercolor Bird Painting “Rufous Hummingbird Watercolor Bird Painting”

A colorful digital watercolor bird painting of a vivid orange and gold rufous hummingbird perched on a bare tree branch with a paint splattered textured background.

As described by a collector..."The color palette chosen for this piece is fabulous, how the contrasty black drives the eyes around and around the subject and the Japanese-style manila and gold splat paper. This image grabs and doesn't let go."

Fractal Watercolor Fusion Art

Fractal watercolor fusion is a digital artform I developed in an attempt to stand out in the fractal art world by creating silhouettes filled with my fractal art and fusing them with watercolor splashed backgrounds.

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Love is Messy- Fractal Watercolor Fusion Art “Love is Messy- Fractal Watercolor Fusion Art”

DescriptionA modern abstract fractal watercolor fusion artwork that gives a visual of the fact that love is messy, relationships are complicated and life in love is not always sweet rosy dreams. There are challenges, struggles and risks. You might get your heart wounded but enduring love is worth it all.

The fractal part of this piece is a pretty red and white heart with fancy spiraling patterns in many shades of red and white and with wavy textures. The watercolor part is a messy paint splash background in the same shades of red on a white field with splatters all around the edges.

Colorful Seahorses and Coral-Fractal Watercolor Fusion Art “Colorful Seahorses and Coral-Fractal Watercolor Fusion Art”

Colorful seahorses with ornate designs done in my signature fractal watercolor fusion style. These cute sea creatures are having fun swimming in the vivid aqua blue ocean water, darting in between the pink corals and nodding to one another in a happy underwater dance

Abstract Glitch Art

Modern abstract glitch art using a technique I developed by stacking digital effects.

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Inner City Abstract “Inner City Abstract ”

A moody urban abstract with impressions of a downtown city center after dark with lights glowing in the windows of the neighborhood buildings done in a modern glitch art cubist style

Beach Impressions Abstract “Beach Impressions Abstract”

A bright colorful abstract that has hints of a day at the ocean with impressions of figures playing in and around the water and on the sandy beach, done in a classy artitstic digital blockism style

Minimalist Artwork

Featured selections from my minimalist collection.