Helen Smithwick

Helen Smithwick lives with her husband, Bob, in Colorado Springs, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

After retirement, Helen returned to her first love – that of drawing and painting. She began taking classes at the Denver Botanic Gardens in 2010 and fell in love with everything – the opportunity to study, the different media to which she was introduced, and the excellent instruction. She graduated with distinction after completing the requirements for the Foundational Certificate in Botanical Art and Illustration in 2013. She received the Sydney Parkinson Award for excellence in botanical illustration and best overall portfolio for her graduating class.

She is a member of the American Society of Botanical Illustrators and the Rocky Mountain Society of Botanical Artists. Her work has been displayed locally in several juried exhibitions.


Botanical Illustrations

I am a botanical illustrator. I studied at the Denver School of Botanical Art and Illustration.
These pieces are detailed and accurate representations of flowers found in Colorado.

Opium Poppy “Opium Poppy”

Mixed media: Watercolor and Ink

White Prickly Poppy “White Prickly Poppy”

White Prickly Poppy is a wildflower that grows in The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs

Big Red Poppy “Big Red Poppy”

Ornamental Poppies are grown extensively in flower gardens in Colorado Springs.

Cattails “Cattails”

Cattails are wild plants that grow around creeks and ponds in Colorado

Musk Thistle “Musk Thistle”

Musk Thistle is a wildflower that grows extensively in the open spaces in Colorado.