Abby Levine

Abby Levine was born in Newark, NJ in 1955. Her mother was a Kindergarten teacher and there were always art materials in the house. A solitary child, Abby spent most of her time reading and drawing.

With time, Abby's interests expanded to encompass mythology, popular culture, film, and politics---systems that people have created to explain the world around them. She attended Temple University, Tyler School of Art, graduating with honors in 1976, and has since pursued a career in visual art, working briefly as an illustrator in New York City and Seattle and exhibiting her work throughout the United States as well as Mexico and Canada.

In the mid-nineteen eighties Abby developed a technique of working in wood relief, using painted layered wood, often with the addition of wood-burning and carved elements. Using this technique, she produced over thirty pieces of commissioned artwork with leftist themes for a collector in Texas, where she resided for fifteen years. Commissions have always made up a large part of her output, and she has found them to be rewarding, enjoyable, and mind-expanding.

Current work combines political themes with increasingly abstract elements, exploring the relationship between human beings and the rest of the natural world.

Abby's work has been featured in numerous print and online publications, and her work has been purchased by clients in the United States, Europe, and Mexico. She received the Premio Arte in 2010, and a Union City Artists’ Award in 2012. Her work is in the collection of the William Musto Museum in Union City, New Jersey, where she currently resides.


Wood Work

These images include political, pop culture and abstract works. Pieces are constructed of various types of wood, cut out with a stationary scroll saw and/or carved using a Dremel. Layers are built up and painted and/or wood-burned.

Diminished Expectations “Diminished Expectations”

2005, Acrylic on wood. 38" X 26" X 9". The title says it all.

Capitalist Cosmology “Capitalist Cosmology”

This piece was done in 2011. It can be displayed free-standing or hung on a wall, as pictured. It is 38" X 26" x 12", made of wood, word-burned, and painted with acrylics.

Afghan Poppy “Afghan Poppy”

This is an older piece, done in 2001 during the beginning of the War in Aghanistan. It addresses the connection between the oil industry and US involvement in the country.
It is about 30" X 28" X 9", made of wood, wood-burned and painted with Japan Color.

Lady Jane “Lady Jane”

A piece about Jane Fonda's life. Done in 2009, made of wood ,wood-burned and painted with Japan Color. 18" X 18" X 2".

The New Guillotine “The New Guillotine”

2010. The housing/credit crisis. Acrylic and wood-burning on wood, with rope and metal. The "blade" can be raised or lowered to bisect the house at bottom.

On the Money “On the Money”

The Masons and their symbols. 2009, Japan Color and wood- burning on wood, 26" X 16" X 1.5".

Health Care Retablo “Health Care Retablo”

The health care debate in the US Congress in 2010-11. Acrylic and wood-burning on wood, 13" X 9" X 2"

Opium of the People “Opium of the People”

Religious warfare: warriors, weapons and gods. 2010, Acrylic and wood-burning on wood, 32" X 28" X 8"

The Great Game “The Great Game”

The State of Israel. A functional board game. 2009, Japan Color and wood-burning on wood, 28" X 26" X 4".

Entitled “Entitled”

US exceptionalism. 2005, Enamel on carved wood, 26" X 28" X 9"

One Throw Links up a Thousand Threads “One Throw Links up a Thousand Threads”

Freud interprets dreams. 38" X 43" X 4". Enamel on wood.

Burgess Shale “Burgess Shale”

2012, Acrylic and enamel on wood, 18" X 24" X 2"

Nematode Jazz “Nematode Jazz”

2012, Acrylic on Wood, 26" X 32" X 4"

Fission “Fission”

2011, Acrylic on Wood, 16" X 22" X 3"

Animalia “Animalia”

2012, Acrylic on wood, 15" X 15" X 2"


I occasionally paint in Acrylic and Gesso on board.

Angela Davis “Angela Davis”

2011, 16 X 16", Acrylic on board

Paul Robeson “Paul Robeson”

2011, 16 X 16", Acrylic on board

Emma Goldman “Emma Goldman”

2011, Acrylic on Board, 16 X 16"

Rigoberta Menchu “Rigoberta Menchu”

2011, Acrylic on Board, 16 X 16"

Allen Ginsberg “Allen Ginsberg”

2011, Acrylic on Board, 16 X 16"

Cesar Chavez “Cesar Chavez”

2011, Acrylic on Board, 16 X 16"

Mommy and Grandma in the Kitchen “Mommy and Grandma in the Kitchen”

2008, Gesso on Board, 16 X 16"

Grandma and Grandpa “Grandma and Grandpa”

2008, Gesso on Board, 16 X 16"

In My Room “In My Room”

2008, Gesso on Board, 16 X 16"

Sol “Sol”

2008, Gesso on Board, 16 X 16"

Celia in Havana 2 “Celia in Havana 2”

The great Celia Cruz. 2009, Gesso on Board, 24 X 18"

Celia in Havana 3 “Celia in Havana 3”

2012, gesso on board, 24 X 18"

Celia in Havana 1 “Celia in Havana 1”

2009, Gesso on Board, 16 X 16"

Collage and Mixed Media

Mambo “Mambo”

2010, Collage on Board, 18 X 24"

It is Happening Here “It is Happening Here”

Zappa and Sinclair Lewis. Digital Collage, 18 X 24"

Dreaming of DeKooning “Dreaming of DeKooning”

2011, Mixed Media on Board, 18 X 24"

Hermetic Androgyne “Hermetic Androgyne”

2010, Collage on Paper, 20 X 16"

Celia's Song “Celia's Song”

2009, Mixed media on board, 16 X 16"

Miriam Sue “Miriam Sue”

A tribute to my sister. 2009, Collage on paper, 8.5 X 11"

Electric  Chair “Electric Chair”

2009, Collage on Paper, 18 X 24"

Industrial Bambi “Industrial Bambi”

2009, Collage on Cardboard, 8.5 X 11"

Commercial Work

BH Ambedkar “BH Ambedkar”

For Navayana Press, Delhi, India 2010, Acrylic and Wood-burning on Wood, 12 X 12"

Take Time for the Important Things “Take Time for the Important Things”

For a charter school in New Mexico, Acrylic on Wood, 2005, 25" Diameter

Learning and Playing “Learning and Playing”

For a Charter School in New Mexico, 2005, Acrylic on Wood, 29 X 36"

Rainbow “Rainbow”

For a Charter School in New Mexico, Acrylic on Wood, 28 X 28"

Share “Share”

For a Charter School in New Mexico, Acrylic on Wood, 24 X 24"