Talita Suassuna

talita suassuna

Location: Brazil

There is often a rich story behind every piece of art that has at some point captured your imagination. Once you gaze upon the works of Talita Suassuna, this becomes readily apparent.

However, the varied stories behind Talita’s works, especially at first glance, are anything but obvious. Her art captivates the eye with bursting colors and intricacy – this part is really obvious! The colors are placed in harmony and done quite boldly, yet smoothly. This draws you in more closely, studying the subjects depicted. And once you are focused, you find that weaved into Talita’s work is a creative symphony of stories that all flow together.

Central to Talita’s work are her Brazilian culture, folk art and legend; Nature’s elements from the rainforest; her own memories and dreams and, yes,a celebration of life itself. Be it in the many leaves of the forests, little flowers, other shapes and sometimes feminine figures, this story is more profound than a simple collection of bright colors, becoming instead a celebration of the many cycles that surround us.
By Greg Cross

“I love to create interactions of pulsating colors and exquisite forms. I work in a variety of media, including: sculpture, glass, painting and graphic design. Currently, with paint and collage techniques I use hand-painted paper, cut-outs and textiles in layers to form bright, optimistic, nurturing and cheerful shapes.”


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