Teresa Perry Renditions By Resajo

I work as an artist in metals, glass, stone, and natural found objects. I create wearable art, body adornment and small sculptural items working full time in my studio. I enjoy blowing glass at the Toledo Museum of Art Glass Pavilion.
I am passionate about my artwork and relish in sharing my own "Renditions" of how the world appears to me. I thoroughly enjoy doing commissioned works, as it allows me the opportunity to be more intimately involved in what I am creating, learning much about the person I am creating for. Ultimately the result is a work of art that is extra meaningful to the recipient.
Born & raised in the Sierra Mountain Range of California, I grew up with a strong affinity for and connection with nature. I now reside in Toledo, Ohio where I live with my adoring and adorable husband Ryan, our two cats and a rambunctious Fox Terrier named Taz.
I am blessed with two wonderful and fantastic children who are the brilliant lights in my life. I treasure their spouses and delight in my two beautiful granddaughters, whom I cherish.
In my spare time I enjoy light gardening (only during mild weather) and reading about fantastical worlds of Myth, Mystery, Fantasy & Science Fiction, which also play a significant role in my creativity.
Please visit my website at http://www.ResaJo.com


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