Anastasia Azure

Anastasia Azure combines ancient weaving, traditional metalsmithing and contemporary materials to create sculpture and jewelry. Her forms are inspired by the elegance of geometry and complexity of science. First introduced to jewelry fabrication in high school, it was during her BFA, in 2005 from California College of the Arts, that she discovered weaving’s immense importance to her life’s work. She completed her MFA in Textiles at the Rhode Island School of Design and currently resides in Providence, RI. She exhibits and sells her artwork nationally and internationally, as well as teaches innovative weaving workshops worldwide.

In her words:
"Exploring the elegance of geometry through serene symmetry, my sculptures reveal the harmonious system of the universe. I create dimensional weave mandalas by interlacing textiles and metalsmithing.

Pairing the flexibility of hand dyed fishing line with the strength of metal, I utilize the ancient double-cloth weaving technique to explore the divinity of geometry. The woven layers gracefully undulate and intersect, creating supple curves and depths of shapes to designate an area for tranquility.

My weavings have no beginning nor end. Their circular, seamless continuity expresses oneness and infinity. For me, weaving, as a structure and a process, embodies rhythm and order. The loom is a large musical instrument that engages my whole body in the movement and mediation of precision cloth-making."


Dimensional Weave Mandalas

Handwoven with dyed fishing line and wire.

Grandest Albedo “Grandest Albedo”

54" x 45" x 20"

Landau for the Maharaja “Landau for the Maharaja”

36” x 36” x 15”

Grand Parallax “Grand Parallax”

46” x 48” x 20”

Neutral Zenith “Neutral Zenith”

36” x 36” x 15”

Ephemeris “Ephemeris”

47” x 36” x 15”

Zenith “Zenith”

34” x 34” x 15”

Peacock “Peacock”

23” x 23” x 8”

Astral Aegean “Astral Aegean”

12” x 12” x 5