Walter Dorsch


Location: Germany

Many artists were doctors of medicine, many doctors developed into artists. Intensive occupation with patients as individuals would appear to sharpen awareness of what really counts in life.

The doctor Walter Dorsch (Professor for Paediatrics, Youth Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Allergology and Natural Therapy) is in close contact with many and manifold people: children with radiant faces, happy parents, teenagers troubled by love; but he has also experienced the shadowy side of life: the engulfing of the individual in the mass, jealousy, arbitrariness, cowardice, marital warfare, etc.

The artist Walter Dorsch describes what he sees: "La condition humaine". As a medium he uses anthropomorphic bronze or wooden figures, installations, digitally reworked photographs of characteristic scenes, short films with musical accompaniment, books and exhibitions with partly serious, partly humorous backgrounds (Art and Politics, Cabaret and Art).

Walter Dorsch started his artistic career in 2001 with the answer to an Academic Question posed by the Junge Akademie, a joint project of the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of Sciences and Humanities and the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina: “Rodins thinker: What is he thinking about? Since then many artworks have been created, which have been shown in part at exhibitions in Munich, Berlin, Mainz, Innsbruck, Verona, Rome, Palermo, Milan, London, Paris, Vienna, Venice and (2015) New York.

The aim of his creative activities is a dialog with the observer, the visitor of his exhibitions. ART@WORK invites the visitor to active participation and to a discussion about art, philosophy, politics, history and psychology (see also


Leyla and the Fear

There was a Muslim maiden,
wearing a veil.
The veil becomes lifted.
The maiden feels fear.
But isn´t more fear somewhere else?

Figure in wood and a veil in bronze, Photography digitally mastered, alu-dibond

Chattering women - Hommage á Camille Claudel -Les causeuses

Women different in ethnics, religion, language can talk together

uomo e donna - ferro e legno or: Man and Woman - Iron and Wood

A wooden figure shows a couple in love, the iron artwork the contrast of female and male