Gabriëlla Cleuren

Gabriëlla Cleuren

Location: Belgium

Inside Outside

In my work I am driven by fixing my life and experiences in ‘MEMORIES ‘ : my inside and outside world like they appeared to me in the 21e century : different worlds, different languages.

My inside world, a world of thinking, creating, universal in feeling, free in form because memories are transformed brain pictures.

My outside world, pictures of our society, political and international events, selected from magazines, journals, mostly violent: wars, old worlds without ameliorated human civilization like Goya already painted them, but transmitted in a contemporary form.

Pictures of extreme solitude: lost worlds and filled emptiness.


Virtual Worlds

My diary can be seen as a study of reality in the virtual track. My images are not straightforward to read, but their meaning is revealed between the lines, like a child trauma drawings reveal the reality, often disguised. A multiple filters to a residue.
My work keeps a trace of life, the almost daily record of important and seemingly trivial events, a virtual reality of thoughts, sometimes mixed with dreams, fears, memories and observations from the ‘environment’. It’s a way to fix the relation of me with the outside world and testimony of a life in the 21st century. Life is a powerful artistic source.
Often I use icons, which I have developed to a very personal alphabet, simple, universal, sometimes cryptic.
Some examples: the curtain is a picture of the opening of the theater world we live in, life is happening behind. The mouth stands for speaking, communicates, contact, or crossed: no talking, solitude, silence. An ear or repeated ears are used to notice the good (birds and wind ) or the bad sounds ( street noise). The half circle on the head symbolizes the mind, in blue. Red shows emotion and with a sharp broken line it means restlessness. The bed or sleep symbolizes the familiar and the security. The road, the travel path is life we have to go, most displayed with footprints. Life is … going. The tree and the flowering points to contact with nature, the animal is contact with life. The net stands for: being caught. These are just some pictures.
My design is free, organic (also used as aware) the color is often psychologically loaded into the possibility to catch all aspects of life in a consolidated form.
My sculptures or objects are in addition to this search.

 Talking to myself “ Talking to myself”

Woman with double in the bathroom talking to herself in a mirror, man in bed snoring. ears.

 Trying to convince “ Trying to convince”

Looking at pictures at the Affordable Arts Show in Brussels

 Becoming lovely and old “ Becoming lovely and old”

Two persons sitting on benches and talking, while feeling good

 The photographer “ The photographer”

Taking pictures for the new identity card.
Woman, two, sitting and talking, feeling good, big lamps, eyes,

 Trying to catch the sun. “ Trying to catch the sun.”

Woman in the wood looking up and doing an attempt to catch the sun.
Woman,streching her arms, sun, green, trees, brown grass

 Feeling happy “ Feeling happy”

Woman standing in the sun with her glasses on looking at a nice bird
sun, woman in white, glasses, road, nice bird, eye

 House, evening and animal “ House, evening and animal”

Cat sitting on the lap of a woman watching the fall of the night.
cat in black, woman in blue, house, clouds

Arranged “Arranged”

blue, soldiers, dead, watcher, tank
Acrylic on prepared Steinbach 250 g/mg paper

Signing bird “Signing bird”

bird, white, clouds, green, woman, sun,
Acrylic on prepared Steinbach 250 g/mg paper

Neccessity to leave the house “Neccessity to leave the house”

yellow, sun, man, woman, road, footsteps, pond

Acrylic on prepared Steinbach 250 g/mg paper