Jorgen Lovgret (jolo)

jorgen  lovgret (JOLO)

Location: Denmark

Danish painter with international exhibitions.
Lived, painted and exhibited all over the World during 28 years. The latest 10 years in Provence, Southern France.
Educated at Danish Academy of Free and Mercantile Art, Copenhagen. Established and participated in art societies all over the world. Held speach on his art at The University of Rajastahn in Jaipur, India.
Painting technique: Spatel and a heavy layer of oil paint. Impressionistic. Motives from Southern France, nature and China.
Latest exhibitions in Turkey, London and New York. Several exhibitions in Seattle, Los Angeles and New York.
Painting shown is built up by 6 individual paintings each 20 by 20 inches which together create a landscape named "The never ending impression of the nature" sized 60 by 40 inches. Additional paintings can be added making the big painting and the impression of the nature yet bigger. This painting shown at the biennal 2011 in Izmir, Turkey. Another painting with the tiotle "The never ending impression of the Southern France" made in the same way (6 paintings) shown in New York 2012.


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