Ewon Moon

Born in Korea
1996 Graduate, Seoul Arts High School
2001/2003 B.F.A. / M.F.A. in Oriental fine arts, Hong-ik University
2002 Master's Thesis, A study on the Portrayal of Inner Life through My Works
on Linguistic Expression
A part time faculty at Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul
A part time faculty at Gyeong-in National University of Education, Incheon
Research Assistant : Hong-ik University Museum

>> Grant
2009 'What's yout plan B?' solo exhibition
<Gallery Is, Seoul>
2006 'Islands' solo exhibition
<Cott Gallery-invitation, Seoul>_ 'Cott Gallery support of young artist'
2004 'Hidden Addiction' solo exhibition
<Lotte Gallery-invitation An-yang Branch, Gallery Fish, Seoul>
_'2004 Arts Council Korea Fund'
2003 Stream of the East 'Echo-Close' solo exhibition
<Kwan-hoon Gallery-invitation, Seoul> _ '2003 Arts Council Korea Fund'

>> Award
2011 2011 Art Kudos Competition
2008 The 8th Song-eun Fine Art Grand Prize Art Exhibition
2007 Korea Present Age Fine Art Grand Exhibition
2006 The 6th Song-eun Fine Art Grand Prize Art Exhibition
2002 Korea Publishing Illustration association-The Special Prize
The 24th Joong-ang Fine Art Grand Exhibition <Ho-am Gallery, Seoul>
UN World Peace Art Grand Exhibition-Grand Prize of Korean Painting Part
2001 New Frontier Fine Art Grand Exhibition

>> Main Collector : Place of possession
National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea
Cott Gallery

>> Solo Exhibition
2009 ‘What's your plan B?’ <Gallery Is, Seoul>
2006 'Islands' <Cott Gallery-invitation, Seoul>
2004 'Hidden Addiction' <Lotte Gallery-invitation An-yang Branch, Gallery Fish, Seoul>
2003 Stream of the East 'Echo-Close' <Kwan-hoon Gallery-invitation, Seoul>

>> Invitation Exhibition
2010 Exhibition of ‘Korean Fantasy Painting
-The Sensual Reinterpretation of Korean Paintings'<Seoul museum of Art>
2009 Exhibition of ‘Contest of artists’ <Space of Art, etc., Seoul>
2008 The 8th Song-eun Fine Art Grand Prize Art Exhibition <Insa art Center, Seoul>
Exhibition of ‘Face to face’ <Jung Gallery, Seoul>
Exhibition of ‘Drawing City’ <Space of Complex Culture, Hacy , Seoul>
Exhibition of ‘I don't know you' <In-cheon Culture & Arts Center>
2007 Exhibition of In-cheon Art Fair 2007 'Human-Sea-Wind'
<In-cheon Culture & Arts Center>
2006 The 6th Song-eun Fine Art Grand Prize Art Exhibition <Insa art Center, Seoul>
Exhibition of 'New Challenge of the 20th Century' <Dan-won Gallery, An-san>
Exhibition of '2006 Young Artists of Whole country' <Gangneung art Gallery-invitation>
Exhibition of 7pm ZAGREB - 2am SEOUL <Cott Gallery, Seoul>
2005 Exhibition of 'Shape-Spirit from Today's Portraits' <Woo-jin Gallery-invitaion, Jeon-ju>
Exhibition of 'The New of the East' <Gong-pyung Art Center-invitation, Seoul>
Exhibition of 'the Heart' <Kwan-hoon Gallery, Seoul>
2004 Exhibition of Book Project 'Books similar to men, Men similar to Books'
<Kum-ho Gallery-invitation, Seoul>
Exhibition of 'Speak out' <De-Main Gallery-invitation, Seoul>
Booth Exhibition of 'Today of 2004, Korea' <Seoul Art Palace, Seoul>
2003 Exhibition of 'Joke' <Lotte Gallery-invitation, An-yang>
Exhibition of 'Bungee jumping of Korean Painting' <Gallery Hue, Seoul>
Exhibition of '46 Korean Painting Artists, Formative Consciousness of Tradition & New'
<Baik-song Art Center, Seoul>
Exhibition of Alumni association Seoul Arts High School
<Se-jong Center for Performing Arts, Seoul>
2002 Exhibition of Master Thesis 'Study on the Portrayal of inner life through My Works'
<Hong-ik Univ. Gallery, Seoul>
2001 Exhibition of Fringe Festival 'Construction of the inner' <Open studio, Seoul>

>> International Exhibition
2008 Exhibition of 'Going to' < Kunst - Direkt gallery, Bayern, Germany >
Booth Exhibition of ARTEXPO NEW YORK 2008
<Jacob K. Javits Convention Center, New York>
2007 Exhibition of 'Hello Chelsea! 2007' <35 Fine Art Gallery, New York>
Hong-ik Oriental painting of Female Exhibition <AS Gallery, Japan>
ARWI International Art Fair <Puerto Rico Convention Center, Puerto Rico>
2002 Exhibition of '3colors of 3nations, Korea-China-Japan ' <Kagosima Gallery, Japan>
Xi-an National Art Fair <Xi-an National Center, China>

>> Contact
Address : 921-14 #401, BangBae-dong Seocho-gu, Seoul, Korea
email : moon991@hanmail.net
Mobile : +82-10-4240-7705
website : www.moone1.com


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