Lydia Venieri

lydia venieri

Location: Greece

Lydia Venieri is a multiple media artist whose work ranges from sculpture to installations incorporating painting, photography, video, the Internet and even the iPhone.
Her work is inspired by everyday mythology and symbolism, and is presented in units with titles such as Platonic Big Bang, Telluric Manifesto, Anima Mundis, Planet Exodus, The Last Conflict.
“I create universes and landscapes where I project stories, conspiracy theories related to the media and mythological legends”.

Venieri was born in Athens, 27th January 1964 and studied at Ecole Nationale Superieure des Beaux Arts, in Paris. Her work has featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions include the George Pompidou Center, Salon des Montrouge, Samy Kinge Gallery, Niki Diana Marquardt Gallery, Galerie Montenay, Propos d’Europe, Atelier Mallet Stevens, Vanessa Quang Gallery, Paris, Manifesta Rotterdam, Circulo de Bellas Artes Madrid, Gallery Asbaek Copenhagen, Cultural Centre of Stockholm, Gallery Medusa, Athens Gallery, Gallery Tria, National Gallery of Greece, National Gallery of Athens, Athens Olympics 2004, Ancien Musee Archeologique Municipalite de Thessalonique, Centre for Contemporary Art in Dordrecht Netherlands, Gallery Luxe New York, Gallery Stux New York, Gallery Terra Tokyo, New York Public Library, Location One, Art in General.
In 2000 she was awarded the Academie Francaise Medal for Sculpture.
Since 1997 Lydia has been based in New York where she created her trilogy: Hibernation, Forever After and the Dolphin Conspiracy: a sculpture installation and video series. Her latest photo series, War Games and See No Evil has toured US, Europe and Asia. Lydia is often commissioned to create set designs for theaters in the US and Europe.


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