Tiru Arthanari

TIRU discovered his creative talents in art when he was studying at Kolkatta through his experiments with paper collage. His works were presented in All in India art exhibitions held at Kolkatta during the late sixties. He was member of the contemporary art society at that time. Currently Tiru has used his collage pharases in rendering mosaics using glass, tile and other materials. He uses his garage as his mosaic studio. His subjects vary from abstract to impressionistic expressions. Presently he is teaching at the University of Auckland, Business School, Auckland, New Zealand.


My Collages and Mosaics

In this portfolio I have included some of my collages and mosaics made at different times.

Resilience “Resilience”

This is a mosaic made after the Christchurch earthquake in February 22nd 2011. The title is resilience to bring out the spirit of New Zealand. It will spring back.

Tiger and compassion “Tiger and compassion”

This mosaic was inspired by the monks who rear tigers. This mosaic is 600 mm x 940 mm on plywood board using titles.