Andrea Moni

Andrea Moni finds beauty in the broken and imperfect. Her newest work incorporates personal trauma into creative expression. In late 2015 a serious accident left her with third-degree burns requiring a month-long hospital stay and years of physical and mental rebuilding. Drawing inspiration from the people who helped her during her recovery, she developed a collaborative process of working with individuals suffering from various kinds of trauma. One at a time, Moni and her newfound collaborators set up a temporary art studio beside a natural body of water, painting on large canvases, using the motion of the waves to layer natural earth pigments onto the surface. This process became an intimate exercise with profound psychological implications as memories of traumatic experiences were symbolically washed away. Later, alone in her art studio, Moni unearths mysterious, hidden figures on the canvas, ciphers of pain expelled from the psyche. By adopting “Kintsugi” philosophies of non-attachment, acceptance of change, and fate as aspects of human life, Moni does not hide the imperfections. Instead she displays the brokenness, illuminating their unique significance.
“The medium is the ocean and the message is salvation. The specific site for this art making is a patch of shoreline, the unique ingredients are the jostling waves that run with the winds and the heat of the sun at the break of day.”
– Chaos as Deliverance: The Environmental Art of Andrea Moni By Dr. Jeanne Willette