Julie Hunt

I have been drawing and painting all my life and it has always been a big part of me. As a teenager I was never without a sketch book wherever I went and was always drawing people on the beach, around the pool, my family and cats at home - everywhere!
I did some time at Art College but really only took it up again when my children were older when I started attending adult classes. Then I really got into painting - often going down to the local river with my watercolours to capture the movement and light of the water and countryside. I love painting water in all its moods, especially the sea, and particularly like to capture it's movement and energy. I've always been fascinated by the elements and was a glider pilot for a time and love dramatic skies.
I got into portraits by chance, at an event where I was offering quick sketches for silly money, and from that I started to get commissions - mostly for portraits and pets from photos - but also other stuff. I believe I capture the life and character of the subject really well and have had many happy customers.
I work in most media - watercolour, pastel, acrylic, drawings, mixed media and sometimes oil. I am very versatile and like a challenge. I also run adult classes and have worked with children.
You can see more of my work on my website - www.juliehunt.co.uk


Portraits and Pets

These are some examples of work that I have done on a commission basis, from photographs given to me by my customers. I do quick portrait sketches from life at events like school fetes but I don't have copies of these. Some of the portraits displayed are quick sketches from photos but they are generally a little more detailed than the live ones. The ones I do from life tend to be more spontaneous, and I am able to capture the personality of the sitter at that moment in time, if sometimes not so slick.

Wisden “Wisden”

Springer Spaniel in pastel

Sky “Sky”

This is a pencil drawing from a photo

Fred Basset “Fred Basset”

Beagle in watercolour

Jasmine age 4 “Jasmine age 4”

watercolour portrait

Jasmine “Jasmine”

3 minute sketch from a photo

Baby “Baby”

Christening present - pencil detailed sketch

Trinity “Trinity”


Ted Sharpe “Ted Sharpe”

The Market Dog - pastel

Tigger “Tigger”

Pencil drawing

Prize Carp “Prize Carp”


Air and Water

I love the elements, especially the sea, and try to get the feelings of exhilaration, atmosphere, freedom and movement in my paintings. Windsurfing is something that has always fascinated me, and seems the ultimate sailing experience, wrestling with the elements of air and surf . My forte has always been movement and quick gestural drawings, but I also love to paint calmer, more tranquil scenes. I flew gliders for several years which really satisfied the freedom side of me and the sense of adventure and exhilaration, and have painted several aircraft for commissions. But deep down I just love to walk on the beach or in the countryside with the wind in my hair!

Free Rider “Free Rider”


Wavejammer “Wavejammer”


Red Lady “Red Lady”


Riding the Wave “Riding the Wave”


Ray of Hope “Ray of Hope”


Paintings on Silk and other stuff

I have experimented with painting on silk, having done a short course a while ago. I love the way the ink flows and blends like watercolour and the vibrant colours of the inks! I haven't as yet worked with dyes as they have to be processed a bit differently and need more equipment but its something I would love to do in the future. In this folio there are some examples of my silk paintings, some of which have been commissions. There are also examples of some other work to show my versatility - again some of which are commissions. Some may just be sketches or paintings on the spot.

Maenad “Maenad”

Painting on Silk. This was based on one of my dancing ladies. I love the way the silk paints flow and depict the movement and energy of the dancer - and also the feel of the water.

Sunset Surfer “Sunset Surfer”

Painting on Silk. This was based on one of my windsurfers and I love the vibrant colours of the inks on the sky, and the way they flow - perfect for depicting water.

Landing at Sunset “Landing at Sunset”

Painting on Silk. Again the colours, and the way the inks flow on the silk, are perfect for depicting this very dramatic and vibrant sky.

Adonis Blues “Adonis Blues”

Painting on Silk

Purple Emperor “Purple Emperor”

Painting on Silk. The vibrant colours of the inks are perfect for butterflies!

Arwen “Arwen ”

Painting on silk. This was a commission. I took a photo of my daughter and gave her wings and turned her into a fairy!

Luscombe “Luscombe”

A commission in watercolour

Biker “Biker”

Drawing - a commission

House “House ”


Pilatus “Pilatus”


Male back view “Male back view”

Sepia ink on lining paper. Painted on the spot rapidly in a life drawing class

Gliders “Gliders”

Drawings on the spot of my K6 glider at Lasham Airfield - from the time I used to fly a while ago.