Nicole Taillon

Nicole Taillon

Location: Canada

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Nicole Taillon has been sculpting in bronze for over twenty five years. A native of the Lac-Saint-Jean region (Quebec, Canada), Nicole studied math, science and psychology before taking up painting, then silk screening and then finally dedicating herself to sculpture in the early 1980s.

Working with clay for inspiration, she combines bronze with other metals and materials such as stone, quartz and glass. In addition to her creative work exhibited in galleries, Nicole designs commissioned fountains, garden sculptures, funerary urns and commemorative plaques.

Nicole quickly carved out a place for herself among Canadian artists and then in the international scene. Commissioned to create numerous private and public pieces such as Welcome Back (Quebec City, Caisse Populaire du Vieux Qu├ębec) and The Magnificent Warrior (West Palm Beach, Florida), Nicole has been awarded a number of prizes for her work. Her sculptures can now be found in public and private collections in Canada, the United States and Europe.


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