Richard Anbudurai

Richard anbudurai

Location: India

My Egg Shell work Style

Beauty and art go together. The form of art is essentially an intimation of reality. Man gets pleasure in intimation. It is absent in animals Yet, The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance. A work of art should aim at form and unity.

A work of art is successful of the group to which the represented object belongs.

With this concept of art, I, Richard try to bring life out of a lifeless things i.e. eggshell painting is not my hobby, through it was in my formative years, it is my life now. I see life through every painting. Even a small curve of a line is meaningful to me. I drink, I taste, I digest : painting. I get delight in paintings, I immerse my defeats in painting; I brush my feeling with painting. I sing, I dream and I live with painting.Now, how I make it: I strongly believe that even a small thing, seemingly un useful, can be used as a powerful medium of expression. An artist can do … Read More

chennai, indian., India


visiting lecturer [artist]


B.F.A.1st,class painting in of Arts and craft in 1991


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