Dr. Shoba Ramakrishnan

Dr. Shoba Ramakrishnan

Location: India

Dr. Shoba Ramakrishnan, M. Sc., Ph.D.,
Address: Flat B, Saraswathy Apartments,
New No.2, Luz Avenue,
Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004.
Email: drshoba2005@yahoo.com
Ph: 24990594
Mobile: 98413 60046

My paintings reflect my admiration for nature and have a strong autobiographical content. I have drawn inspirations from the surroundings I am familiar with and the colours that are embedded deep in my heart. They are a quintessence of what I have enjoyed over three decades as a Chemistry Professor, experimenting with colours!

• Art Education

Trained under Mrs. Lakshmi Ragavan of adyar art club for pencil sketching, water, poster, oil painting, Nirmal painting and Kerala mural painting.

Trained with Richard Anbudurai for Tanjore painting

With folks arts for tribal art.

• Art Exhibitions

Gallery Sri Parvati at Eldams Road on November 30th, December 1st and 2nd 2008.

‘Celebrating WCC’ at La Galerie D’Expression, Ambassodor Pallava, between 1st and 15th July 2010.

‘Colours of Chemistry’ at Women’s Christian College, between 16th and 21st February 2012.

• Press
To quote from Indian Express dated 4th December 2008 “THE JOYS OF LIFE was a three-day painting exhibition held in Chennai recently by
Dr. Shoba Ramakrishnan. This professor of chemistry in the Women’s Christian College felt that is was so important to have peace and to have that peace one needed a change of heart. She calls her paintings a ripple in the water and says the exhibition has a more fulfilling purpose”.

To quote from Indian Express dated 6th July 2010 “Dr. Shoba Ramakrishnan seems to be bonded with her work and workplace. If not; she couldn’t have recreated the architecture of the college she works in on palette with an emotional touch. The exhibition is a must visit for alumnae of WCC and all who wants to go back to their college days.”


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