Artist Bio:
Sandra J Quintus is a 3rd generation painter whose extensive background in the field of decorative art makes for exciting twists and turns in her work. She learned portrait and figurative drawing as a child from her mother, an accomplished artist and furniture restorer. Sandra is nationally known for her fine art murals and trompe loeil treatments which showcase an understanding of construction, paint application and reactions, textures, gilding, theorem stenciling, grisaille, and glazing. But her work took an exciting turn toward a career in fine art when she pursued studies with Oil Painter’s of America Masters Daniel E. Greene in 2002, William Scott Jennings in 2004, and Daniel E. Greene again in 2009 at his studio in upstate New York.
Her style is recognizably delicate and sensitive without being fussy or precious. She is especially adept at handling subtleties of skin, fabric, and is recognized for her paintings of the midwest wetlands.
Her work has earned spots in the 2008 Paint America Top 100, Oil Painter’s of America Regional Exhibits, and is represented by Fine Line Designs Gallery, Sister Bay, WI and by the Clear Lake Arts Center. More of her work can be viewed at www.sandraquintus.com.


Figures and Faces

"It is my love of beauty, people, and nature that moves me to paint. When I see the work progressing, the real excitement begins. I want my paintings to cause one to pause, reflect, and experience the emotion of standing on the banks, hearing the sea shell, or smelling the herbs and flowers. It's just a moment. But it can be such a peaceful and relaxing thing."

Quechua Girl “Quechua Girl”

On a trip to Machu Picchu, Sandra was greeted by this small Quechua Girl. She and her sisters posed for a sol in the streets and by-ways of Cusco. In her hand is the bag of potato chips that kept her happy and occupied as the girls worked through the crowds of tourists, hoping to bring home some income for their native Quechua family.

Quechua Girl II “Quechua Girl II”

On a trip to Machu Picchu, Sandra was greeted by this small Quechua Girl. Her sweet expression created a permanent memory for the artist and is captured in this close up.

Girl in the Window “Girl in the Window”

Painted from the model, this portrait of a young girl bathed in light, and gazing out at the brightness of day, epitomizes a young girl as she faces the changes ahead.