Zaher Bizri

Zaher Bizri

Location: Lebanon

A lebanese artist gratuated from the fine arts faculty of the lebanese university in Beirut, Lebanon. He characterized in watercolors, paintings and photography. He depict the daily life style of his own born city of Sidon, where he draw the social daily and traditional life.
He participated in many exhibitions, inside and outside lebanon. His artworks spread in England, France, United States of America, Syria and Lebanon.
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Some of my artworks in watercolors, paintings and photography.

tobacco 1 “tobacco 1”

Watercolor on paper.
A family works on tobacco in south lebanon.

children “children”

Watercolors on paper.
A special needs children.

house “house”

Watercolors on paper.
A traditional lebanese house.

landscape “landscape ”

Watercolors on paper.

Abay “Abay”

Watercolors on paper.
Abay a traditional lebanese village in mont lebanon.

sea “sea”

Acrylic on canvas.
Sea, an abstract vision of the blue sea.

lebanese  village “lebanese village ”

Acrylic on canvas.
A lebanese traditional village.

revolution “revolution”

Acrylic on canvas.

revolution “revolution ”

Acrylic on canvas.
Revolution, an influence of the arab spring revolution. (This artwork displayed on Times Square in New York city, USA.