Larry Andreoff

Larry Andreoff

Location: Canada


I have painting and sculpting as long as I can remember (at the ripened age of 64 the memory is no longer exact). I cannot remember the first time I picked up a pencil and realized I could capture life on a piece of paper but I do remember winning several art competitions throughout my school years; illustrating the school newspaper and making my first sculpture sale in grade 5. I was hooked.
I have been a practicing artist in Edmonton, Alberta since 1979. I am a founding member and past president of the Sculptor’s Association of Alberta. In short my work has varied vastly using a multitude of mediums, trying a multitude of languages… aiming at multitude of targets. A mouthful! Below is a “short form”.


terra cotta, plaster, hydrostone, cement, wood, stone, snow, ice, bronze, stained glass, oil paint, pastel, conte, charcoal, digital media and mixed media

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recent Paintings 2011-12

oil on canvas, 24x16"

Bird Lake “Bird Lake”

oil on canvas, 24x36"

Hunter “Hunter”

oil on canvas, 30x36"

Paradise I “Paradise I”

oil on canvas, 24x24"

In the Garden “In the Garden”

oil on canvas, 24x18"

Poet Moon “Poet Moon”

oil on canvas, 30x21"

Evolution “Evolution”

oil on canvas, 24x16"

Prairie Storm “Prairie Storm”

oil on canvas, 12x24"

Sunrise “Sunrise”

oil pastel on wood 12x12"

Spring “Spring”

oil pastel on wood 12x12"


I sculpt in a variety of media from snow to are some examples

Ballet “Ballet”

Snow 11', winner of National Competition Quebec City (and Artist's Choice Award)

Ballet “Ballet ”

hydrostone, 7", model for snow sculpture

Woman in a Mirror “Woman in a Mirror”

Ice, 10', 2nd Place winner, Ice On Whyte international competition

Diplomat “Diplomat”

mixed media, 30"

Einstien “Einstien”

hydrostone, 20"

Thug “Thug”

mixed media, 38"