Marie-josée Dussault

Marie-Josée Dussault

Location: Canada

Born in Quebec (Canada) in December 1971, Marie-Josée Dussault lived in many places such as Montreal, France, California and South Africa. She lives now in Quebec City since 2006 with her husband and two children.

In her early forties, the need for Marie-Josée to express herself as an artist is stronger than anything! In 2012, after careful consideration and planning she decided to quit her every day job to dedicate herself to creation and she began her full-time career as a mosaic artist.

Mosaic art has always been an amazement for Marie-Josée. Colors, textures, shapes, brightness, small details, harmony of all these small pieces... all this seems to explain her love for this art. When Marie-Josée started her first project, cheerful at heart but without any mosaic training, she was far from realizing the amount of work required to design and carry out a major piece. Her perfectionism, her attention to detail and her patience are put to the test. She was relieve to learn that mosaics classes were offered in the beautiful region of Quebec city.

Marie-Josée attended the three following classes:

-Spring 2011. Mosaic introductory course at the ''Maison des Métiers d’Art de Québec''. Learning the art from clay. Experimentation and creation of a mural. Workshop given by Audrey Marion, ceramist. 30 hours.

-October 2011. Mosaic introductory course at the ''Atelier Phébus'' in Grondines. Workshop given by Dominique Coté.
Intensive course of 2 days,12 hours.

-Winter 2012. Mosaic classes at the ''Centre de Céramique de Ste-Foy''. Learning the art of making and coloring ceramic tiles from clay. Workshop given by Sandra-Chloe Dionne, ceramist. 20 hours.

These courses have given Marie-Josée the chance to meet passionate people, to learn basic techniques and to feed her new passion. Since that day, new ideas are pouring out of her at a fast pace !