Stefano Reale

Stefano Reale

Location: Italy

I was born in Brescia (Italy) in 1981, he has always been keen on drawing, and after graduating as a graphic designer, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts LABA in Brescia, where he graduated in 2008.
Here he has the opportunity to experiment with various techniques and forms of expression but the painting will be his first interest.
From the early works in oil, the monochrome painting, finally finding in the pencil the expression the most congenial.
The latest works testify to this research where the figurative aspect of the design is enriched by inserts of different materials such as metals, woods and golden leaves.
All this in a geometric-symbolic contest.
He currently lives and works in Brescia.


Hermetic Eye

Graphite on wood (60x80 cm)


Graphite and iron on wood (80x25 cm)

Nefertiti's Spiral

Graphite and metals on wood (52x65 cm)