Marielle Seastrom

I started drawing and painting when I was seven years old. My family immigrated from Scandinavia for Austin, Texas, USA that year, 1979. My father actually taught me my
first English sentence on the long plane ride over - “May I have a piece of paper and a pencil, please?”

I was an awkward girl and could not communicate with anyone my own age - so, I had to entertain myself. I wrote clever little stories that I would read to my family, draw intricate treasure maps that I would follow, and sketch strange creatures that I would cut up an re-assemble.

Currently, I enjoy art as a simple form of escape. I enjoy seeing the art piece unfold in front of me. I rarely have a plan, I am not afraid of making mistakes and I never edit myself. I usually paint in circles and have to make all the parts of a painting fit together in a harmonious way. I always round edges, connect the dots and include different components; so they don?t feel alone.

I usually stick to one medium but have allowed myself to use whatever medium gets the work done. Currently, my favorite medium is the full line of Sharpie pens; Oil based and water based, for their precision.

I would describe my work as harmonious, balanced and whimsical. I work in circles and webs and I gravitate towards Oranges and Blues; wild fire and earthly strength. I feel
best when I am in free-flow with no specific direction until it presents itself. Then I just go with it and I feel free. My curse; I could keep working on a painting forever, getting tighter and smaller and more intricate; painting cells in plants, atoms in the air, particles in water, and oil spills on water.

I will create art until my dying day. It was what I was born to do; even though I have been fighting it for so long.



These were all inspired by the ocean.