Pietro Maffei

About Pietro Maffei...

Date and place of birth: 25.05.1973, Basel Switzerland
1973 - 1992: grew up and studied in Courrendlin JU
1992 - 1999: studied, worked in Neuchâtel NE
1999 - 2003: worked in Mountain View, California

Currently living in Renens, Switzerland


10.2002 : Exhibition at Café Matisse San José, CA, USA (Paintings)
06.2003 : Exhibition at the Petit Trianon San José, CA, USA (PAC)
02.2007 : Color Elefante Gallery, Valencia, Spain (Apple II)
04.2007 : NY Arts Beijing Gallery, Beijing, China (Apple II)
05.2007 : Broadway Gallery, New York City, USA (Apple II)
12.2007 : Florence Biennale of Contemporay Arts, Italy (Paintings)
06.2010 : ArtBudget2010, Hubraum, Switzerland (Paintings, Digital Art)
11.2011 : On the Edge, Trevisan International Art, Bologna, Italy (Digital Art)
12.2011 : Kunstforum International, Meisterschwanden, Switzerland (Digital Art)

Now exploring the world of photography, digital art in all its shapes and flavors...