Derek Bigard

Born March 11th 1955
BFA with distinction California College of Arts Oakland CA

Derek has participated in the Cuban Internos mural program. In 2006 he led a group of American muralist to Cuba where along with artist from all over the globe they created and painted two murals in the international city of Santiago de Cuba. In addition he has participated in numerous mural projects in the San Francisco Bay Area. His most Recent mural project was a collaborated with his wife Christina Cowger for the Native American Museum in Novato California.

His personal work represents those things in life that bind us all together. Nature is the most important glue holding all things together. The cycle of life is evident from the macrocosm to the microcosm. Examples of life to decay and back to life is a never ending continuum.

Derek has shown his work throughout the Bay Area . His painting, North Beach Sf won 2nd place at the 2010 Marin County Fair Fine Arts Exhibition Acrylic Painting Division. In 2012 his painting Eucalyptus Alley won first place in the Acrylic Painting Division followed by a 2014 first place in the Acrylic Painting Large Format Division for Orisha AJA of the Forest. Many of his works are owned by private collectors.


Relationship with our world

The natural cycle of death , decay and rebirth has always fascinated me. Netither can exist without the other. Nature is constantly reminding us of this process. Understanding our relationship with the natural world is imperative to our survival.

Eucalyptus 2 “Eucalyptus 2”

acrylic on board .

Spring “Spring”

Acrylic on canvas

Autum “Autum ”

Acrylic on canvas

Miwok park Mural “Miwok park Mural”

30'X8' acrylic on board

Yemaja  Goddes of the Sea “Yemaja Goddes of the Sea ”

Yemaja is the Orisha goddess of the sea. With all respect and love to her.

Dance of Life “Dance of Life”

Acrylic on canvas.

Cycle of Life “Cycle of Life”

Acrylic on Board. 4'X78"

Waldo Grade “Waldo Grade”

Acrylic on canvas

The Elevator “The Elevator”

Clay sculpture. Oh those elevator rides!

Palma Soriano Cuba “Palma Soriano Cuba”

Painted when in Palma Soriano Cuba

Lavana De Jon middle school “Lavana De Jon middle school”

A collaboration with Alan Leon

Orisha Aja “Orisha Aja ”

This painting is acrylic on board 48" X 78" inspired by the Orisha Aja keeper of the forest. Look closely into the tree bark to see where Aja rests.

Vista point SF “Vista point SF”

This acrylic painting on board is 18"X 96". A view of San Francisco from vista point at the north end of the Golden Gate Bridge. A major tourist attraction.

Save The Roe “Save The Roe”

Acrylic on board 33"X65" saving the salmon eggs is the microcosm, saving the earth is the macrocosm.

Shelter island “Shelter island”

Soft pastel on paper 30"x20"

Hills behind the house “Hills behind the house”

Soft pastel on paper. 18"x28"

For Ben “For Ben”

Soft pastel on paper 15"x10"

Birth / rebirth “Birth / rebirth”

Acrylic on canvas 15"x20"

Landscape “Landscape ”

Just a simple pastel study of nature.

Trepidation “Trepidation”

This painting represents the fear of the unknown, the breakdown of what we know and the hope for what we want.

Acrylic on board 94"X30" (4 panels)

Leaf “Leaf ”

Inspired by my wife's brilliant photograph of a leaf bathed in sunlight.

Scooter boy “Scooter boy”

For Ben , he loves his scooter!

Out of balance “Out of balance”

Human threat to the planet

Sun is fine “Sun is fine”

This is a soft pastel on Masonite 48x39

Monsters r us “Monsters r us”

acrylic on board.

GMan “GMan”

Pencil on paper