Location: Israel

Mystica Art & Design have initiated and collaborated with art projects in Israel, South Africa, Fiji and Mauritius.

We specialize in mosaic fine art and ceramic design.

With a background in Art and Anthropology, we have initiated Art and Cultural Preservation projects and are passionate about preserving Tribal and Traditional Art.

We have completed large mosaic surfaces for private clients, ministries, museums and schools.

We create our own hand-made, fired tessearae (mosaic pieces), and continue to challenge ourselves with creating every individual piece.


The Last Tree

A mosaic object art piece for the launching of the Omada dance company in Mauritius.

The Giant Tortoise

Large mosaic panel for the Nature Park Museum in Rodrigues (Indian Ocean)

The Mascarene Flycatcher

Large mosaic panel for the Ebony Forest Park in Chamarel, Mauritius.