Aase- Hilde Brekke

Aase- Hilde Brekke

Location: Norway

Aase-Hilde Brekke is born in the Northern part of Norway, and are now working and living in the capital Oslo.

Aase-Hilde Brekke is a multi-media artist versed in performance, installation art, objects, collage, photography and film.

Brekke has participated in international group exhibitions in New York, Hamburg and Beijing. She has participated in important shows in Norway like: Hommage á Iver Jåks (2008-2010) , the most famous sami artists in Norway.

Her work deals with art and spirituality expressed in many ways. Where the combination of different medias explores the possibilities in materials, different subjects and processes.

Brekkes art has been awarded many times by for example The Art Council of Norway, and she has been studying Tibetan Ritual dances in Tibetan monasteries in India.

She has been working with art since 1992, and holds a master degree in performance theory, at the University of Oslo, where she has analyzed Marina Abramovic`s performance The Artist Is Present.
She also give teachings and workshops at university level about avant-garde art, and she is a writer in fine art magazines in Norway.
Brekke is a member of the fine art photographers organization FFF (Forbundet Frie Fotografer) in Norway.


Mixing medias

My art reflects a wide range of expressions. In this portefolio I present a photo, a sculpture/found object, and a mixed-media work.
For more pictures and information: www.taramedia.no

Meditation 2 (2010) “Meditation 2 (2010)”

Meditation 2, 60x80 cm, printed on metalplate.

Meditation is a series of photos viewing the silence and emptiness of nature. This silence can create a room for meditation and reflections.

The pictures in the Meditation-series is from a mountain called: Beiarfjellet in Nordland, which is north of the polar circle in Norway.

Dance/Dans (no.) (2009) “Dance/Dans (no.) (2009)”

Dance, 20x 30 cm, reindeer bone, drawing

In Dance, two pieces from reindeer horn are touching and balancing each other, and creates a space, for dancing...

Angel with Black Wings (1995) “Angel with Black Wings (1995)”

Angel with black wings, mixed- media, 30x 40 cm.

Angel with Black Wings, is a self-portrait, expressing a period of serious physical illness. The photo-collage of my face are places on sand-paper, and the metal-box is mirroring the emotions of a feeling of no possibility to escape.

Soft-Poetry 3 (2010) “Soft-Poetry 3 (2010)”

Photo from mobile upload, printed on metal plate. Size: 50 x 37,5cm

Soft Poetry are a series of four photos, pointing at how to perceive reality.
A blurry, soft poem, where the surface is not clear. The vision will disappear, like life itself: it`s over in a moment. And still: The moment are life itself!
Soft Poetry acknowledged the vulnerability in our life: only one breath devide life and death. That’s why we need to remember how to breath, how to see, how to listen, again and again.