Nik Johnson

Nik Johnson

Location: Australia

I have been creating Art since i could hold a pen, My work consists of many painting, working both in acrylic and aerosol , also i have a strong black and white style.I enjoy drawing Cartoon and have been employed drawing charicatures, upon leaving school i undertook a trainee-ship in Graphic Arts, here i learned the techniques for getting finished artwork to screen for printing, also in those days i worked doing drawings of medical equiptment for a medical supplier. I have studied Traditional animation and have 2 short films under my belt, I am proficient also in digital media , such as(( photoshop, Flash))as well as loving music and being a drummer , i draw much inspiration from music with my work.

I am currently working on a new exhibition of the last 10 years of my works, as well as being a full time chef i am constantly working on something new.

I do my Art for pure therapy and also to get something off my chest, i hope to draw the viewer to look deeper into the picture and into themselves. If you as the veiwer stops and feels something, then i feel my work is done.

To view a decent range of my art please visit my webpage :

Thanks you and peace :)


Black and white ARt

This is s selection of some of my Black and white art, mostly done using pen and brush with ink.


I been painting for about 15 years , not as long as i have been drawing, but i feel in love with color and how it is can be applied all sorts of ways. I rarely plan what im about to paint , its comes to me as i go along. There is no rules in this game and thats why i love it.I work with Acrylics mostly but alos have had experience with aerosol and airbrush . Basically ill try any mix of mediums to get the desired effect, the painting tells me whens its done and i step back and dont do another thing to it.