Gunilla Ekholm

gunilla ekholm

Location: Sweden

Gunilla Ekholm, born 1963 in Sweden.
(Former Real estate agent Gunilla Ekholm Inc. – Chief Executive 1998-2010.)
Educations I benefit from as an artist:
Education at the Academy of ballet in Stockholm.
Dance, song and theatre education at Charlie Rivel, Folkuniversitetet (Folk university).
Aesthetic-targeted school, St Eskil, Sweden.
Ceramics courses, Gästis, Sweden.
Education in personal development and intuition, Creative Experiences Inc, Sweden.
Training as a leader in Mountain meditation, Creative Experiences Inc, Sweden.
Course in Vedic Art level 1, Edith Wetteus, Sweden.
Course in Vedic Art level 2, Edith Wetteus, Sweden
Training for teachers of Vedic Art, Nina Jacucci, Stockholm,Sweden.
Coaching by artist Ebeling, Torshälla, Sweden.
Coaching by artist AnnKarina Vesterberg, Uppsala, Sweden.