My name is Rianne (Ryan) and I am a native Floridian who lives in Miami. I was trained at Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale to be a graphic designer, but only learned that I am really an illustrator.

I draw a lot of animals but am venturing out into other things. Please take a look at my work and contact me if you have any questions or want me to draw something for you.


Thank you


War & Peace

This is a collection of some drawings and illustrations I have done on a small scale or "artist trading cards".

War & Peace 1 “War & Peace 1”

This one is obvious.

War & peace 2 “War & peace 2”

Peace dove/bullet

war & peace 3 “war & peace 3”

This is an amputee with a white flag in the background.


This is a collection of drawings & art I did with animals as a subject.

Glass Fish “Glass Fish”

This is a fish I made with pieces of glass from bottles. I broke the glass and used the pieces like a mosaic.

Leaf Pelican “Leaf Pelican”

This was a leaf that I used a knife to cut out the image of a pelican. I then glued the leaf to colorful paper to show the negative image area.

Puppy “Puppy”

This is a drawing of my puppy.

Puppy Whole “Puppy Whole”

This is the same drawing but not cropped.

Pelicans Floating “Pelicans Floating”

I have a lot of Pelican drawings because every year I donate them to Pelican Harbor in Miami Beach. It's a place that hurt pelicans can get medical care and rehab.

Rainbow Dog “Rainbow Dog”

This was a painting of a friend's dog.

Friend's Dogs “Friend's Dogs”

Another painting of another friend's dogs

Beagle “Beagle”

Pen & ink on Artist Trading Card

Boxer “Boxer”

Pen & ink on Artist Trading Card

Corgi “Corgi”

Pen & ink on Artist Trading Card

Pug “Pug”

Pen & ink on Artist Trading Card

Wood Parrot “Wood Parrot”

I drew this on a wood scrape and then stained the wood.

Homeless “Homeless”

Charcoal on brown paper

Turtle “Turtle”

Color pencil

Rhino “Rhino”

This is done on an artist trading card

Lizard “Lizard”

Also on an artist trading card. Small scale

Can African Grey “Can African Grey”

This photo is bad. The cans reflect the flash. I made this from soda cans. It was sold at the show.

Buildings and Things

This is a collection of art I did with buildings and things as the subject.

Jordan Wine Competition “Jordan Wine Competition ”

I was one of 25 or so artist chosen to display art at the Bake House Miami for the Jordan Wines Competition. The art had to include the company logo and the feel of Miami. I used the Miami vice style boat and the Miami Beach skyline.

Wine Barrels “Wine Barrels”

For this image I painted on wood with acrylic paint.

Family Crest “Family Crest”

I drew this family crest for a coworker. Pencil on paper.

Close up Crest “Close up Crest”

This is the close up

Dream “Dream”

This was a drawing I did of my dad's dream bike.

Miami Beach “Miami Beach”

Pencil- This was a contest entry to design the new manhole covers in Miami Beach. I did not win.

Pineapple “Pineapple”

Acrylic paint

Skull “Skull”

Artist Trading card size. Pen and ink

Flower “Flower”

Water color and ink

Flower 2 “Flower 2”

water color and Ink

Flower 3 “Flower 3”

Water color and Ink

Peas “Peas”

color pencil

Pineapple 2 “Pineapple 2”

Acrylic paint

Book illustrations

I am working on a picture book about a cat. These are a few images for that project.

Alice in wonderland

These drawings I did as a series. They are done with color pencil.

Larger or Smaller “Larger or Smaller”

Alice has to chose which side of the mushroom she will eat from.


I was hired to paint this mural at the Montessori school at my church. It was based on a book about bugs.


These are a few figure drawings I have done. I was always afraid of drawing faces, so I just avoided it.


Just a few photos of events.

FairChild Gardens “FairChild Gardens”

Fair Child Gardens has an event where artist can set up to sell their work in the parking lot.