Magnus Lindblom

Magnus Lindblom

Location: Sweden

Magnus grew up in the south of Sweden, close to nature and the Baltic Sea. Earlier in life, he worked with designing computer applications, but after a period of too much stress, he got health issues. Although he has struggled many years with emotions and lack of good health, his creativity has been awakened. He began learning how to paint watercolor, inspired by artists as Robert Wade and Lars Lerin, and has participated in local art shows in the Stockholm area where he now lives. Last winter, Magnus began investigating the art of printmaking, and soon found it very exciting and joyful. He is now working on developing these new skills of linocut print and dry etching print. He also enjoys the play of creating with Acrylic Pour.
"Every time a new print comes out of the press is a moment of magic and wonder."
Artist statement:
“Art is an expression of the soul. Art is sharing the beauty and magic of life, of nature and humanness.”

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Awarded Finalist at Artavita "Artist of the Year" contest.


Mixed art work

Tbis is a sample of my artwork

Jazz 1 “Jazz 1”

Lino Print

Full Sails “Full Sails”

This is a mixed media, lino cut print combined with a little watercolour

Ocean Play “Ocean Play”

Acrylic Pour with swipe. 80 x60 cm

The Golden Forest “The Golden Forest”

Montype print made with carborundum gel tecnique. 20 x 25 cm

Enjoying the Moment “Enjoying the Moment”

Watercolour, 38 x 56 cm

The Buzzard “The Buzzard”

Dry etch print 20 x 25 cm

The Bushawk “The Bushawk”

Watercolour 38 x 56 cm

Golden Earth Pregnancy “Golden Earth Pregnancy”

Tihis is a you symbol of hope, a new golden earth is about to be born, new old systems and the old world is now collapsing. How can you contribute to this new and better earh?

Fluid Art

These are acrylic pours and other fliud art work.

Sea anemone “Sea anemone”

An acrylic pour that I think looks like some kind of sea creature. What do you see in this picture? Size 30 x 30 cm

The Gatherig “The Gatherig”

In this acrylic pour I can see several faces, heads and figures around the yellow light in the center. Makes me think of connections, meetings...