Nele Zirnite

Nele Zirnite

Location: Latvia

Nele Zirnite born in Lithuania, studied printmaking at the Vilnius Academy of Arts (1978-1982) and at the Art Academy of Latvia in Riga (1982-1984). In 2000 graduated Art Academy of Latvia as a Master of Fine Arts. She has been giving a great impact of the development of etching technique as well as pedagogue (1995- 2003 Lecturer, Graphic Arts Department, Latvian Art Academy; since 2003 Professor at Latvian Christian Academy in Art Department). Since 2010 she is a head of the association “Oforta Ģilde” (Etching Guild) and have made a numerous projects connected with etching techniques and printmaking art in Latvia and abroad. Artist participated in many exhibitions around the world and received various awards and prizes including honourable mentions in Vigonza (Padova) Italy (2017), Bodio Lomnago, Italy (2012) Xativa, Spain (2007) Breclav, Czechia (2007, 2005), Riga, Latvia (2014, 2003, 1998, 1997, 1987), Gloucester, USA (1997) Tallinn, Estonia (1992).


Another Sky

Another skies do not belong to anyone
They reveal, drag into themselves, and there
They can be felt without lifting your head to the heaven
Because the eyes long hold the infinity glare ...
Behind me – a field of zinc plates and platelets, like a protective metal shield with stained symbols of time, each of which preserves its moment of truth. The etching with its rules, laws and whims, like a path to self-discovery, beginning with the visualization of an idea and continuing, crossing the boundaries of the plate. This is a form of art, where the unseen thinks for a long time before revealing itself. I would like to say: I live in a plate, attempting to convince myself and others that it really isn’t a plate...