Johan Marais


Johan was born in Kimberley. He took his first art lesson at the Diamantveld High School, and later received several art awards. After matriculating he studied art extra-murally, and also completed his studies for a B.Com degree at the University of South Africa.

After obtaining this degree, he determined to refine his work and attended classes presented by Christopher Haw, an accomplished artist from Natal, concentrating on landscapes, working in water colours. Over the years Johan has not limited himself to the use of one medium. He has also trained, using oils under the tuition of Rina Badenhorst, a well-known artist from Port Elizabeth.

He presently focusses on still life studies and landscapes. His preference is to use bright, fresh colours in his work which gives an Impressionistic feel.

Johan also attended Master Classes at the Association of Arts in Pretoria as presented by Andre Naude during 2003. During 2004 and 2005 Johan’s work was selected for the Alette Wessels Kunskamer Annual Art Initiative. During 2004 he was one of the finalists for the Johannesburg Art City Competition. His works were also selected by Alice Art Gallery “Fresh Talent 2006” One of his paintings appears in one of the 2007 Parmalat adverts. His works are currently exhibited in several Art Galleries in South Africa.

Johan has participated in 29 group exhibitions and 13 solo exhibitions in South Africa. He has also exhibited in Austria and twice in Paris. His works have been featured in magazines, art books and newspaper articles.

Johan retired in 2005 whereupon Art became his fulltime career. He has also been commissioned to paint twenty two paintings for a Guesthouse in Pretoria. Absa Bank also commissioned Johan to paint thirteen landscapes for their top achievers.

Johan was selected by The South African Association for the Visual Arts to occupy an apartment in the Cite International Des Arts Complex in Paris for four months during 2006. During his stay in the City (September – December 2006) he focused mainly on landscapes, in particular the Parks, Public Gardens and Forests in and around Paris, as well as on the Cote d’ Azur. Johan also exhibited works, done during his stay, in Paris during December 2006.

Thereafter Johan’s work “Grief, Sorrow but Hope” was selected to be exhibited at the Salon d’ Automne in Paris during November 2007.