Robert Bristow

I live in New Zealand after spending fifteen years in the United Arab Emirates,originally from Dorset, U.K. I have enjoyed painting in oils since I was a teenager, I'm a proud possessor of a GCE Art "O" level pass certificate and studied art part time at Weston Super Mare Technical College - now I'm in my sixties and have more time to paint and hopefully improve my technique. I feel as photography captures landscape so well, I'm leaning towards more abstract work. Art is a very personal thing and we all have different views and perceptions on the world - through art we can convey and share our own vision, views and perceptions and I love it.

Favourite Quotation:
"Future generations will be living in a world that is very different from that to which we are accustomed. It is essential that we prepare ourselves and our children for that new world.”

Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, Founder of the U.A.E


Dragon Tree

Contrasts, changes and transformations

Dragon Tree 1 “Dragon Tree 1”

Traditional vs Modern umpired by a Yogi. Painted in oils

Dragon Tree 2 “Dragon Tree 2”

War vs Peace umpired by a Yogi, the choice of humanity in oils.

Dragon Tree 3 “Dragon Tree 3”

Inspired by observing a small group of astronomers watching a distant comet on the seafront corniche. Painted in oils 24" x 18 "

Dragon Tree 4 “Dragon Tree 4”

Yogi sits under an alarm clock between a transformation as a cargo plane approaches.

Unframed and finished with gloss varnish.

Fast Forward “Fast Forward”

In 1.1 billion years from now, the Sun will be 10% brighter than it is today. This extra energy will cause a moist greenhouse effect in the beginning, similar to the runaway warming on Venus. But then the Earth’s atmosphere will dry out as the water vapor is lost to space, never to return.

In 3.5 billion years from now, the Sun will be 40% brighter than it is today. It will be so hot that the oceans will boil and that water vapor will be lost to space as well. The ice caps will permanently melt, and snow will be ancient history; life will be unable to survive anywhere on the surface of the Earth. The Earth will resemble dry hot Venus.

Acrylic on stretched canvas, 30 inches by 15 inches