Maryam Javanbakht

Naghashi khat is a combination of Persian calligraphy art and modern painting. Poems of many of the great Persian poets revolve around the Gnostics and romanticism and the romantic endeavors such as separation, longing and reunification. I have always had a profound appreciation and love for Farsi literature; I studied and sometimes recited the poems by heart. Always contemplated their feelings and their state of mind this eventually led me to start using color and painting alongside calligraphy enabling me to portray the mood and sentiments of the poem on to the paper and thus exit from the normal set principals of calligraphy and entering the realm of a new style of art known as the painting-calligraphy (NAGHASHI KHAT).
Naghashi khat is a relatively new art and has a very few artist following the most important prerequisite to enter this style of art is a complete understanding of classic calligraphy. After receiving the award of excellence I started working in that style more avidly and involved. Naghashi-khat gives the artist the power and freedom of expressing the mood and feeling of the poem in such a way that if a person with no knowledge of Farsi would feel the message of the poems weather it is sorrow, joy, love or intoxication and drunken state.