Lavrent Vardanyan

Lavrent Vardanyan

Location: Armenia


1948 Was born in 5-th February in? the village of Gandzak, Eghegnadzor region
1968 Graduated from the college of fine art after P. Terlemezyan
1972 Graduated from the art development of the Pedagogical Institute after Kh. Abovyan
1976 Exposed on Republican and International exhibitions
1991 Personal exhibition in Yerevan
1992 Group exhibition in Paris (France)
1993 Personal exhibition in Yerevan
1993 Group exhibition in Switzerland EUROP ART-93
1994 Delivered category of teacher-explorer

Many works are in fund of the painters of RA, and in the personal collection of many countries: Russia, Poland, Bulgaria, France, Spain, Argentina, USA, Canada, Mexica... Member of the Painters association of RA, member of the international association of art (Unesco)