Debra Parker

Debra Parker is a Photo Artist and Portrait Photographer, originally from the south suburbs of Chicago. She received an AAS degree from Prairie State College. In 2007, the Photography Department granted her the coveted Photographer of the Year Scholarship Award. This honor gave her the opportunity to show a body of work dedicated to her deceased father, his life and influence.


A Life Within Dreams

I have been a huge dreamer ever since I was a child. I believe that dreams are one way of coping with all aspects of our lives and reflect our emotions, be they good, bad or a complex blending of everything in-between. My work is a reflection of this range of emotions.
In order to make my images more universal and share my feelings with others, I have chosen to use transparency as a technique to visually paint my dreams and emotions on solid walls. Some are richly saturated with color, while others are more subtle and softly muted, reflecting the different types of events in our lives that we want to remember or wish we could forget. Like dreams, they persist, seemingly, out of our control, whether they bring fantasies to life or remind us of the horrors we can’t escape.
By creating these images and sharing them, viewers can join me as I attempt to unlock the layers of each dream and try to unveil new truths from what first appear to be shrouded mysteries. It’s ultimately my way of bringing dreams to life.