Jedsada Tangtrakulwong

Jedsada Tangtrakulwong

Location: Thailand

Jedsada Tangtrakulwong, born in 1972, currently lives and works in Maha Sarakham. He graduated from the San Francisco Art Institute in 1999 (BFA) and in 2006 from The Slade School of Fine Art, University College London (MFA). His works were exhibited in the international group exhibitions “Salon für Kunstbuch. An Artwork as Enterprise” at the Museum of Contemporary Art Leipzig, Germany, and “Emerging Talents” in Austria. He further presented his art in the solo exhibitions “Stand and Fall” in Korea, as well as “Look-Overlook”, “Twist” and " Remove" in Bangkok. In 2009 and 2011 Tangtrakulwong was selected for artist residencies in China and in Korea.


Site-specific installation art

Since 2005, site-specific installation has become a main focus of my work. Generally, I visit a site or an exhibition space several times before the start of a work. I examine the parts of a structure that renders that particular space different from others. Each space has got its own character. I use the distinctive part of the space as a starting point for the process of making artwork. The exploration of the space and its surrounding in a new location gradually become an essential part of my artistic concept.

Most of my installations integrate with the architectural structures in the space; the works inspire viewers to start noticing the unique qualities of architectural structure in the space and initiate them to explore and appreciate the beauty of architectural details in other buildings.

Remove, 2012 “Remove, 2012”

The work represents knowledge and experiences gained from live and work in Maha Sarakham for the last six years. Expanded metal sheet, aluminum sheet and zinc sheet are functioned as sheets of paper.

Chi River, 2012 “Chi River, 2012”

To present the fishermen’s way of life and the fished-related culture in the Chi River, Northeast Thailand. The whole work consists of five sculptures, made of material for fishing tools. Each sculpture is built by combining the structure of boat and the shape of fishes in the Chi River.

Twist, 2012 “Twist, 2012”

Inspired by the lattice feature that functions as a natural air vent for the room; a spider-like sculpture is created and integrated with the architecture.

Growth, 2011 “Growth, 2011”

One of the steel I-beam columns of a parking garage is being transformed into a site- specific installation. The gradual change of forms is more visible when viewers spend time exploring them.

Edges, 2011 “Edges, 2011”

The installation consists of five small sculptures which are inspired by the shape and colour of the Yi Ancient Town's building facade. Each of the sculptures is suspended from the ceiling by a wire rope attached and is turned by the wind.

Transition, 2009 “Transition, 2009”

In the installation, the fluorescent lamps are using as light boxes. Because of the transparent quality of lambda prints, the image of a fluorescent lamp off appears as the light turn on

Passage, 2007 “Passage, 2007”

A labyrinth is constructed inside of the gallery. Viewers are invited to walk through all passageways; narrow, wide or dead end.

Off the Frame, 2007 “Off the Frame, 2007”

The museum door and gallery windows have been painted with black enamel paint, create an optical illusion as the door and window frames was pull apart and folded up.