Fiona Mares

Fiona Mares

Location: Germany

Born in Germany, living and painting happily in Egypt. Abstract art with mixed media on XL canvas is my passion. Rich of colors and forms, sometimes simple intensive, other times deep and sensual. That's me: FIONA MARES, painter and artist on the Red Sea.


New abstract art 2022 from Fiona Mares Artist

Fresh, active, uplifting and cheerful! That's me, that's my style of painting art! Modern, contemporary, wild and creative. Abstract art by Fiona Mares.

Sun rise loops “Sun rise loops”

Awakening, vibrant and positive. My view on a early morning sky, expressing my cheerful mood about the start of a new day!

Vibrant sky candy “Vibrant sky candy”

Soft but intensive, deep exposure in the long term view. Simply a happy expression of lovely freh colors, mixing together smooth and delightful. Like a happy candy sky.

Queen of the tribe “Queen of the tribe”

A female character, tribal aura. A sense of secrets and sensitive vibes. Little colors attached, but vibrant in the details.