Trish Toro
I am a self-taught artist with a passion for cubism. The contemplative nature of this style continues to capture, excite and challenge the creativity within me. Painting helps me to see my strengths and weaknesses. It provides an avenue for my imagination to express the ideas or feelings I have in a visual way.
Your Art's Desire- Mtka., MN, Minnesota State Fair-MN, Minneapolis Art Inst.-Foot in the Door, Theatre in the Round-MN, Thrivent Financial-MN, Weisman Art Museum-MN, Pizza Luce-MN, Dunn Bros-MN, Hopkins Center for the Arts-MN, Jules'Bistro- MN, Robbin Gallery-MN, City and County Credit Union-MN, SwansonArt Gallery-MN, Gallery13-MN, Children's Heartlink-MN, Destiny Artworks-WI, Picasso Bar-WI, Coffee Creek-MN, Toro-Inc.-MN, Perpich Center for the Arts-MN, Music Tech.-MN, Mankato State College-MN, Arts in Harmony-MN, Coffman Union-MN, Art Collective-MN, Primavera Fine Arts-MN, Maple Grove Art Center, Minnetonka Center for the Arts, Golden Valley Art Program, 2 Roots Gallery-WI


Recent Work

Cubistic still-lifes, figurative, landscapes and abstracts.

The Table “The Table”

Cubistic still-life.

Inception “Inception”

Cubistic interpretation of an important turning point in my life.

Vino “Vino”

Cubisitic still-life

Still Life with Ace of Spades “Still Life with Ace of Spades”

Cubistic still-life with musical instruments

The Juggler “The Juggler”

Playful image of a juggler.

La Cabana “La Cabana”

Cubisitic landscape