Tammy Brunin

Tammy Brunin

Location: Canada

I have been creative since a small child with everything from plasticine, spirograph, coloring books, caligraphy, drawing, macramé, clay and silkscreening.

I have been devoting my time to painting with both acrylic and oil and finding joy and freedom in the process.

The series of Elephant paintings started with one for a friend and then morphed into many paintings. These paintings are close to my heart as they helped me heal after the loss of my Mom. I would also suggest learning more about how amazing these elephants are. Please take a look at Echo-An Elephant to Remember (PBS Movie).

Most of my abstract paintings are started with an expression of paint and then I see where my thoughts take me. I am always playing with colors and textures and how they mix together. The results are always interesting and some of my favorite works.

I have learned from many artists along the way. I have been fortunate in sharing creative energy and studio time with some wonderful artists.

I am open to creating a custom piece just for you. Please contact me.

I can be reached at tbrunin@gmail.com or at 604 808 7947


Textures and Color

This work is a play with color textures and shapes.

Reflections 1 “Reflections 1”

3' X 4' X 1" Acrylic on canvas

Reflections 2 “Reflections 2”

3' X 4' X 1" Acrylic on canvas

Red and Black “Red and Black”

8" X 8" Acrylic on Canvas

Water - SOLD “Water - SOLD”

12 X 12 Acrylic on Canvas

Autumn Abstract  - SOLD “Autumn Abstract - SOLD”

3' x 4' x 1" Acrylic on Canvas

Golden Dreams “Golden Dreams”

12" x 12" Acrylic on Canvas paper in Glass frame

Elephant Series

The elephants have really been inspired by the memory of my Mother who passed away in June 2010. She loved elephants and had many elephant figures in her house when I was growing up. When I am painting these, I feel she is beside me... cheering me on. I love you Mom.

Elephane Face - SOLD “Elephane Face - SOLD”

8X8 Acrylic on Canvas

Elephant picking up Mouse SOLD “Elephant picking up Mouse SOLD”

The idea came that Elephants are afraid of mice. But what if one elephant wasn't?
8"X8" Acrylic on Canvas

Mouse on Elephant Trunk SOLD “Mouse on Elephant Trunk SOLD”

So the mouse is comfortable with the elephant enough to eat a snack.
8"x8" Acrylic on Canvas

Elephant Tusks SOLD “Elephant Tusks SOLD”

8''X16" Acrylic on Canvas

Elephants in Field after Rain SOLD “Elephants in Field after Rain SOLD”

8" x 24" Acrylic on Wood Panel

Elephant Eye - SOLD “Elephant Eye - SOLD”

8" x 8" Oil on Wood Cradle

Elephant in the Dark “Elephant in the Dark”

1' X 3' Acrylic on Canvas.

Elephant Mom “Elephant Mom”

2' x 3' x 1" Acrylic on Canvas

Elephant Foot SOLD “Elephant Foot SOLD”

8" x 8" x 1" Oil on Canvas


Girl with a Hat “Girl with a Hat”

12" x 16" Oil on Canvas
1920's child actor

Vancouver Crows

Art inspired by my neighbourhood crows.

Crow on Wire “Crow on Wire”

16" x 20" Framed Acrylic on Canvas SOLD

Crows in Trees 1 “Crows in Trees 1”

8" x 8" Acrylic and Ink on Wood Cradle with Resin finish

Crows in Trees 2 “Crows in Trees 2”

8" x 8" Acrylic and Ink on Wood Cradle with Resin finish

Crows in Trees 3 “Crows in Trees 3”

8" x 8" Acrylic and Ink on Wood Cradle with Resin finish