Elton .j. Matenderuke

I am really a Zimbabwean young student pastor who is also in to the arts but i have not entered in any exabition due to lack of good promoters and teachers.but i will be very pleased if any of you great artists can help me with my art.
Anyone who wants to contact me please call me +263774817452


my inner being

for being intermate with anyone in not much of a big deal, but when it comes to being sexually intermate you must be married first.for sex is an act of a married couple.

sexy beautiful feet and toes “sexy beautiful feet and toes”

i as a male being i am tantalized by many features on womans body,among them well padicured feet and manicured hands and a well bathed body.

jazz music my way to get inspred “jazz music my way to get inspred”

Elton as young as he is has seen the conection of jazz and visual art and design as jazz gives him inspiration.