Young Ae Yi

was born 1961
Member Of Amitiés Internationales André Marlaux, Member Of Seoul Fine Arts Association, Member Of ADAGP

11th solo exhibition
Jun. 2011, Invited Exhibition of Korean Embassy of Japan’s Korean Cultural Center
US Traveling Invited Exhibition (Korean Cultural Center in Los Angeles/ Las Vegas Harrah's Hotel)
Young Ae Yi Invited Exhibition (JOAO Gallery, Paris)

56th Group exhibition

Special Award from Frankfurt Art Exhibition (Critic’s award)
Grand Prize from the 1st United Grand Art Festival Exhibition
Dec.2012 2012 Gloval Artist de prospérité ( imagination) of Diplome D'Honneur from Amitiés Internationales André Marlaux


Happy Messenger

From her artist workshop, Young Ae distills a universal antidote made of extremely optimistic images. Young Ae knows what pain means, and is aware of how human beings are torn between tears and laughter, drama and comedy. Through her paintings, Young Ae mixes and conveys the innocence of beginnings, a cathartic representation, the wisdom of the experienced and the raw artist skills, based on her intimate experience. Her vivid imagery makes everything possible. Young Ae is submitting a manifesto, with a manga-inspired naïve style, pursuing its quest against all odds : giving people hopes and dreams. To pursue this mission and give relief to both a planet affected by pessimism and its awaiting patients, what could be faster than galloping horses, flying over the Blue Star as Young Ae’s hope-messengers, and more soothing than seeing those resting in the Sun’s shadow,? Her paintings are tales of warmth and vibrant colors, perfectly balanced between background, white paper horses, and fluorescence.

Rainy Day in spring “Rainy Day in spring”

When I was little girl , I played with my friends in the rainy spring day.