Amar Singha

Amar Singha

Location: India

Date of birth - 10.05.1978

Address - West Bengal, India.

Educational qualification - Diploma in fine art. (Western
Specialist in- western painting, Indian miniature,

Institute - Academy of Creative Art. Calcutta.

Solo exhibition - Youth club hall, West Bengal.

group show - Gallery Ritu. Organized by Academy. Calcutta.
Ashutosh gallery. organized by Rabindra Varati.
Landscape art exhibition. organized by Light
Space Time art gallery, America.
All India International Contemporary Art
Exhibition. Organized By Parivesh Kala
Sansthan,at Jaipur,Rajasthan, India.
Touchtalent Group Exhibition ( Online )
Experience - Judgement in an art competition organized by
U.N.O. & Academy of creative art, on the event
of Environment Pollution, in Calcutta.

Award - International "Spacial Recognition award" from Light
Space Time, an American art gallery, on the annual
event of Landscape art competition - 2013.
"Honorable Mention award" from IVAC, New York.
Featured on international contemporary artists year
book- 2014, volume 9. Listed artist of Global art
directory and Big art directory of London.

Author - My musical journey on canvas, Ajanta cave painting.
Oldest grammar book of painting.

Interested in - Photography, Music Folk art.


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Mobile No. - +91 9732504618


My Painting.

I working now about cubist form. At past, I was a miniature artist. Then I try to create the three dimensional effect in two dimensional Indian miniature. When I succeed, I thought, how I improve it, by change it's form. It is an experimental journey. I am running through this way.


It is a natural seen of the most interior village of India.When the cowherds return from pasturage with gang, in the darkest light of the sunset, it is always create an unforgettable romanticism, with their slow motion & nostalgic sound of flute. I see it everyday where I live in.The seen pulling my mind to a new imaginary world.


Passion is a series of paintings. There are now two paintings in the series. It is the first painting, created on July 2013.


It is the second painting of this series. I created this series for the request of my friends and followers.


Some one poet (I have forgot the name ) said, that he is ready to spend a sleepless night for watch, that how a flower will bloom from bud to blossom. I depicted this thing with my imagination.


It is just a experimental painting of cubist form. Concept of the theme, I brought from Indian tribal folk dance.


It is also an experimental painting on cubist from and Indian miniature. Recently this painting purchased by an art collector of India. Print of this painting is available from my site or face book.

My Book

I like to express my feelings and realization in several creative ways. Canvas is my first and best platform to express my feelings. But I piked up my pen and try to write something for same reason. I am not a professional author, so if you try to find out literary value in my books, you would be dejected. But I hope my book would be able to give you some enjoyment, if you are a real art lover. If you would like to review my book or just want to read, please send me a message, I'll send you my book for free. Thank you.

Digital painting.

I like to work with several mediums. Recently I am enjoying digital painting. I have given my full effort to create best painting in digital medium.

Morning on the hill “Morning on the hill”

Medium - Digital painting. Only print available from my website.