Dorothy Morris

I am influenced by my location, living by the waters edge and working in an idyllic environment.....
As an experienced art teacher, lecturer and practising artist who has exhibited widely in Wales and Britain in selected exhibitions and also abroad including Russia, Dorothy is well qualified to teach a broad range of art activities at all levels.

She has a BA (hons) in Fashion and Textiles and also an MA in Fine Art which she gained from The Swansea Institute of Higher Education.ยท She works in a wide range of materials including textiles, ceramics, mixed media and more traditional mediums such as watercolours and acrylics. Not afraid of experimenting, Dorothy is forever exploring new materials and processes but draws her inspiration from her environment especially Ferryside her home village.


Fishing on The Towy

This body of work illustrate the ancient technique of seine net fishing here on the river Towy. These paintings are of the last three remaining licensed fishing boats still operating on the estuary here in Ferryside.
I have through these paintings recorded this method of fishing and this work has been exhibited in The National Waterfront Museum in Swansea.
I am constantly inspired by life on this estuary and most of my works deal with this subject matter. However I have a degree in Textiles, years of teaching experience and an M.A. in fine art, therefor I am constantly experimenting with materials and enjoy exploring new ones.
However this portfolio deals primarily with 'Life on the Estuary including Seine Net Fishing.

Fishing under Llanstephan castle.2 “Fishing under Llanstephan castle.2”

In this Painting the fishermen are preparing to return to Ferryside after their catch.

Coming ashore “Coming ashore”

More scenes of seine net fisher men, on the beach at Llanstephan.

Inspecting the Net “Inspecting the Net”

Another scene of the Seine Net Fishermen

Pushing the Boat Out “Pushing the Boat Out”

Here the Fishermen are starting to fish.

Preparing to Return “Preparing to Return”

This is a large painting depicting the fishermen preparing to return with their catch.

The Seine Net Fishermen “The Seine Net Fishermen”

This is a very large painting depicting the fishermen getting ready return to Ferryside.

C6 “C6”

In this painting I have enjoyed depicting the reflections of the sky around this blue fishing boat.