Rawls Marq

Rawls Marq

Location: Belgium


Marq Rawls is a lifetime artist with an extensive experience in various forms of expression. His first profession as a furniture maker (1979-1986) already made use of his predilection to create with his hands. And mosaic draws even more on the artistic element of craftsmanship than making furniture.

In 2000, Marq follows a course at the world-famous CISIM (Centro Internazionale Studi Insegnamento Mosaico) in Ravenna, Italy. This course will be fundamental for the development of his visual and architectural qualities. He gains further knowledge by reading books, visiting professional mosaic, glass and ceramics studios. Other artists will put him on the way. His material knowledge, his insight in design, his feeling for different types of stone and glass, with which mosaic can be created for antique as well as modern design, all these form the basis for his career as a visual artist. The external mosaic project, HAPPY VALLEY, realized by Marq during summer 2006, emphasizes his final breakthrough.

In June 2007, Marq goes to Venice, Italy for a Master course at ORSONI. This course helps him perfecting his skills in this discipline. As a result, his first work with this material, 'Other Fishes', was promptly selected for the International Mosaic Biennale in Tokyo. To further complete his knowledge he finally travels to Paris, France in winter 2008, to work with the great mosaic artist THIERRY HOCHARD. Hochard teaches him how to make the genuine traditional mosaic floors with marble and natural stones, for large-surface floors.

Marq Rawls has realised his dream in the last 8 years, by gathering the skills, the knowledge and the maturity, and has opened his own professional mosaic studio in 2008. He now has the ability to deliver every professional request, large or small, classical or contemporary, complex or simple, made with the exclusive Venetian smalti, or with noble marble and natural stones, and , last but not least, the highest in the mosaic range : gold tesserea.

Marq currently develops works designed in close collaboration with his clients and tailored to their demands, which inevitably results in original and exclusive mosaics, that provide a unique cachet to the architecture that harbours them. Besides his main workshop and showroom in DINANT - Belgium - MozaiekStudio Marq Rawls has opened, in spring 2009, a new workshop in Taipei, Taiwan. During that time, Marq has been requested by Stone Global Philippines to become the responsible of their new mosaic-department. This includes the realisation of a new exclusive showroom mosaic area in the Makati region, Central Manila.