Angelika Poels

Angelika Poels is a Dutch artist born in 1970 in Holland. Painting is her vision and her passion. She shows this by converting her ideas to paintings. Her ideas are influenced by the time in which we live. The fast and fleeting images that overlap each other, creating alienation. By always experimenting with new ideas, several ways of turning ideas into paintings arise. After her first year at the School of Drawing in Tilburg and her graduation at the Academy of Fine Arts in Arendonk, Angelika´s ideas are taking shape in which alienation of shapes and bodies can be an important element. To continue on discovering is something she likes very much...

About her work " handicraft mixed media ". It all starts with painting, where she paints often with large and fast strokes of paint combined with the transparency of glasspaint. She starts her work on transparent material en later on she shoots a selfie blend in the paint. It is a physical process in which everything is working together. The depth and the transparency is strenghtened even further through the plexiglas. Her thoughts about selfies on social media and the related superficiality, where the drafts of people seems to be less important, is why she wants to express herself through her paintings.


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11 Oct 2017
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23 May 2017

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From selfie to art - Selfie in red

The many selfies on social media are creating alienation. I want to show the artwork in which the selfie is less important than the artwork itself.

The artworks are mixed media with oil and glasspaint in which the selfie is blended during the process of working and taking a snap shot. After that it is printed on plexiglass.